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Keyword Test for different version of Software

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Keyword Test for different version of Software

I'm using TestComplete7.52 to test our Tool for 3 different version of the Rootsoftware.

But! If a create a Keywordtest for Rootsoftware vision 1.0

the Items look like : wndDOORSWindow

for Rootsoftware version 2.0 the Items look like : wndDOORSWindow2

and for Rootsoftware version 3.0 like : wndDOORsWindow3

Is there a ways to use just one keywordtest for all Rootsoftwareversion?

The Test of our Tool is always the same,but TestComplete differenzes between the Windows of the different Rootsoftwareversion.

RE: Keyword Test for different version of Software

Hi Christopher,

The wndDOORSWindow object seems to have a property whose value differs a bit from one version of your application to another. So, for this mapped object, you need to edit the value of that property by replacing its variable part with the * character.

For example, it could be the WndCaption property containing the DOORSWin* value. As an alternative, you can even remove the unreliable property from your Name Mapping scheme and use some more reliable properties to identify the object (see the "Modifying Mapping Criteria" help topic ( ) for more information).

Let me know if you need anymore assistance.

Best regards,

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RE: Keyword Test for different version of Software

Thanks for Help 🙂 Now it worls fine 🙂
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