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Java ToolBar Issues


Java ToolBar Issues

Evaluating TC right now, and I've run into a problem:

This is what I'm trying to solve:


Aliases.MyApp.MyToolbar.SwingObject("JToolBar$1", "", 1); -
This is a save button on the toolbar.

Aliases.MyApp.MyToolbar.SwingObject("JToolBar$1", "", 2); -
This is a print button on the toolbar.

Aliases.MyApp.MyToolbar.SwingObject("JToolBar$1", "", 3); -
This is a exit button on the toolbar.


The index isn't good.  If things are added/deleted, they may
not be the ones that we think they are.


So, if I'm in Object Browser for one of the above objects, I
can go to the Fields tab.  From there, I see a field "action_2".  I click the
browse button to the right.  I now see some Fields.  I click the Properties
tab.  Voila, I see some information that I can actually use:  JavaClassName =
PrintComponent and JavaFullClassName =


Now that information I can use to uniquely identify each
button on the toolbar.  I can't figure out how to do that.  I've read on the
support pages about fields.  I've read about everything that I could find to
solve this problem.  I've been swearing a lot.  If I can figure out how to do
this, it should help with other code that I need to write.


I'm stuck.


RE: Java ToolBar Issues


You can map the print button object by using the needed properties (for example, the properties you mentioned - JavaClassName or JavaFullClassName). TestComplete will use these properties to identify the object during the test recording and playback.

In the same way, you can map other application objects.

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