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Issue with generated data

New Contributor

Issue with generated data



I just started using the generate data feature and it seems there is something I'm missing. I was able to generate a table of 12 columns and 2000 rows, I customized each column and everything looks fine in the variables tab.

Then I tried using the data in a recorded test case, by selecting the variable and the specific column I need for each field. None of the fields are being filled and I got the Exception in Test log:

'A row index must be an integer value'


Any idea what could be wrong here? thanks!

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New Contributor

Re: Issue with generated data

Was able to figure out what the issue was, I was using this value in my test case:

Variables.VendorFill("Vendor_Name", "") 


the problem was the last quotation marks, it was expecting an integer for the row value. makes sense.

I removed those "" and the test case run fine, but it is always trying to use the first row, and I need it to go through the whole table I created (2000 rows).

Is there any automatic way to select a different row in each execution? if so, how can I do that?




Re: Issue with generated data

Hi Maxter,


If I understand your requirement correctly, you have created a variable table and would like to loop through the rows in that table.


You can do that by creating a data driven loop and select your "Vendor_Name" variable. Refer to


Hope this helps.



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Re: Issue with generated data

Thanks a lot for your advice ChristofS!


@Maxter Does this help?🙂

Sonya Mihaljova
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