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Issue in Recording the object

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Issue in Recording the object

I started using Test complete recently. 

I could record the test scripts and the test scripts are recorded along with the mouse clicks

Ex: Clicks at point (473, 759) of the 'wndMozillaWindowClass15' object. 

I am trying to get rid of this and select the particular object (such as password field or finish button) by using "drag the target to point to the object". As i tried to do so complete webpage is selected but not the partucular button or field. Could anyone please help me out i couldnot go further without figuring it out.
Community Manager

RE: Issue in Recording the object

Hi Prashanth,


Judging by your description, TestComplete doesn't properly recognize Firefox. Make sure that an appropriate Firefox patch is installed on your computer: 

Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager

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