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IronPython helper objects sample

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IronPython helper objects sample

As part of an architectural prototyping phase I wrote a couple of IronPython wrapping classes around the C# .Net var/VarDelegate class.

Totally unsupported, but worth noting for anyone who wants to care.

These two helper classes let me successfully run the C# Order_JS test script and the Hello mspaint JavaScript tests when translated into Pythonese. (i.e. change true to True, etc...)

This way the syntax in a .Net environment is more like the syntax in JavaScript and you don't have to worry about TestComplete's problem with dying when an exception hits a JavaScript file sandbox boundary.

The IronPython debugging experience is where this approach fell apart for me. It seemed like the TestComplete COM interaction timed out on me or something while I was debugging in Visual Studio. But a print/Log.* based debug model worked well enough for me to write these classes.

The only line of code I had to change from the C# Orders_JS script file was the setting of the .Net property using ".Text" to calling the setter method "set_Text" directly like other parts of the JavaScript file did.

NOTE: No attempt was made to add __*__ methods for ALL numerical operations. Just the ones necessary to make the ported test scripts happy.

Fortunately as you can see the pattern is fairly straightforward.

NOTE2: Setting a value via Python [] notiation is not yet implemented.

NOTE3: var.VarDelegate's static dlgtsForCall seems manifestly unsafe from a threading perspective. YUCK.

The two classes involved are:

* TestComplete: This exposes the TC globals as properties and also exposes the usual RunTest/StopTest methods.

* WrappedObj: This wraps the .Net "var/var.VarDelegate" classes with a Python friendly syntax.

There is also a WrappedCollection object that I don't think is necessary any longer since WrappedObj supports all of the necessary operations.


PS: I tried to upload the file as an attachment, but I didn't seem to have any luck. 😞

So, I uploaded it to:

Community Manager

RE: IronPython helper objects sample

Hi Bill,


Thanks for posting your solution here!

I'll try to add the libraries to our How To section with your authorship. Do you mind?


BTW, you can zip your libraries and attach the archive to your post.

Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager

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RE: IronPython helper objects sample

I just noticed I typoed the repository name. Doh!

Updated URL:

I'll try zipping them up to attach to this thread later tonight.

I don't mind being mentioned in the How To at all.

Bill Tutt

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