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Inputting Text in a PromptingTextInput Field

New Contributor

Inputting Text in a PromptingTextInput Field

Hi All,

I am a novice, when related to TestCompleteTool Functionality, and have started gaining some knowledge of tool through our forums, and currently we are tring to automate a flex web application, using TC. In the application, there is a PromptingTextInput object, for which I couldn't find any native or basic methods to input text, in the field, using the tool.
SetText and InsertText option, is not available for this particular object class. May, I know how we can handle, this object class, if we need to input text, in the edit field.
I have tried googling and went through the forums, but couldn't find a solution for the same. So, could you please help me in this regard.

Anticipating your reply
New Contributor

RE: Inputting Text in a PromptingTextInput Field

Adding to the above mentioned pointers, I have tried the .Keys operation and it is wroking fine. But, I need to know that, whether there are any methods available to do the same, as I feel the Keys Method, is a workaround for some areas, which is quite difficult to automate
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