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How to get the control of child window

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How to get the control of child window

I have scenario which need to do some action on child browser window. but when i'm trying do it tool is not recognizing the child window. even when it store the web element on name mapping it will override the existing elements. please help me if any one has tried with this before.

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Re: How to get the control of child window



tool is not recognizing the child window.

Can you clarify this? Are web elements recognized if you use Object Spy tool for the child window?

I see that several web pages are defined for your test (pageStandard4, pageCompass). How these pages are NameMapped? Can you provide screenshots from the NameMapping editor?

As your tested web application can display more than one web page (main and child windows) and these pages seem to have dynamic parts in their URLs, you must find out how these pages can be reliably distinguished from one another and create proper NameMapping for them.

For example, from what I can see from the screenshots, main page can be mapped as '<baseURL>/LDAP1/*/!STANDARD*' and child page can be mapped as '<baseURL>/LDAP1/*/!TABTHREAD*'.

Create mappings for the main and child pages and try to map the Add Alert button from the child page - it must be mapped as a child of the child page (i.e. not as a child of the main page).


Does this help?


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Re: How to get the control of child window

As Alex said, check the namemapping first. Make sure the operated object in the child page.

By the way,

I met override scenario before. It happened in one page.

Even though there is no other element override the object that I want to operate.

But only run the test case, the override object will happened.

So, I check the overLapping window (Ignore overlapping window) checkbox. 

Then this problem won't happen later. You can try it.


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Re: How to get the control of child window

Thanks for the help, ApplePen, AlexKaras.

@sudam_SL, did these suggestions help? Please share the solution you decided to use.

Tanya Gorbunova
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