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Generation Scrrenshots on test execution


Generation Scrrenshots on test execution

I want to use the feature to do screenshots on every click. On Tools/Options --> Engines/Visualier I have checked "Enable before playback" then I executed my test, but there are no screenshots in the log file.

What can I do to get the screenshots?

RE: Generation Scrrenshots on test execution

Hi Oliver,

Pictures generated by Visualizer are not displayed in the test log. To view the screenshots, open your keyword test in the Keyword Test Editor or your script unit in the Code Editor and click the picture icon shown in the gutter for the operation that simulated a mouse or keyboard action. The pictures are stored in the Visualizer subfolder of your project’s folder.

You can find more information about Visualizer in the Auto-Generating Screenshots During Test Recording and Running article.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

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RE: Generation Scrrenshots on test execution

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