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Executing TestComplete projects via Build Studio Web Client

New Contributor

Executing TestComplete projects via Build Studio Web Client

We are in the process of integrating TestComplete with Build
Studio's Continuous Integration but have encountered road blocks along
the way. Hope you can give us insight on the problem and if ever we are
missing something.

So I have made a test case in TestComplete that does the following:

  • Run a tested app (iexplore.exe - IE)

  • Navigate to a web page

  • Click on an image button with link

  • Enter log-in credentials into the text fields

  • Click on an image button with link (for login)

  • Verification of successful login

  • Close tested app (iexplore.exe - IE)

Created a macro with a TestComplete7 routine that will execute the TestComplete project and added it to the ABS Web Client.

Now, if I run the macro from inside the ABS app, test runs fine,
which means that I could see an Internet Explorer window being opened,
could see it navigate to the web page, etc. However, if I run the same
macro from the web client, it fails. Logs state that 'the window is
invisible and thus cannot be activated

I have already tried several approaches trying to solve the issue
like using the same account from which ABS is run but encountered the
same issue. Based on the logs, the tested app (iexplore) was
successfully started but there's no window or GUI that has been opened.
We can verify that a new iexplore.exe process was initiated using the
task manager.

Are we missing something? Your input is highly appreciated.


RE: Executing TestComplete projects via Build Studio Web Client

Hello Shane,

As far as I know, our Support Team have already answered your question via e-mail. We will continue working with you via e-mail.

Best regards,

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