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Error:Catastrophic Failure ??!!


Error:Catastrophic Failure ??!!

One of my AUT was developed in VB6.0. As I browse through the object browser for the controls on one the forms displayed, I can highlight only till certain parent form in the tree and all its child objects cant be highlighted nor the script can access them. If I however write the full name of the control and perform a click on the control, TC is struggling to find the control with the message on the runtime bubble - "Waiting until the window is activated". It then fails with a error pushed into the log "There was an attempt to perform an action at a point, which is beyond the screen".

For certain controls, by the name of the objects in the process tree of object browser I can clearly make out what control it is in the form on AUT. The first time I click on the node of the process tree, all the data looks good in properties table. When I do "highlight on the screen" TC can't highlight and throws the msg box - "cannot highlight the object". When I click OK on the msgbox, some properties of the tree node turn to "Error:Catastrophic Failure" in the properties table from the good values it had before!!!??

Any help plz?
Syed Ahmed Safvan


RE: Error:Catastrophic Failure ??!!

Any help yet please?
Syed Ahmed Safvan


RE: Error:Catastrophic Failure ??!!

Hi Ahmed,

What version of TestComplete are you using? I suggest that you use the latest one. TC 7.50 is available for downloading from our web site and from the ClientServices portal.

If you still face the issue with TestComplete 7.50, please try to reproduce the situation with the Orders sample application (<TestComplete 7 Samples>\Open Apps\OrdersDemo\VB) and let me know your results.

To help us investigate this behavior, please zip the entire project suite folder and send us the archive via the following web form:

Also, please make a snapshot of the AUT's process and send us the resulting .tcObject file. Please see the "Save Object Snapshot Dialog" help topic for details. Note that you need to select the "All properties" option and check the "Save recursively" check boxes within the Save Object Snapshot dialog.

Dmitry Nikolaev
Customer Care Manager
TestComplete, QAComplete

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