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Element appears twice in tree

Occasional Contributor

Element appears twice in tree


I am trying to test a web application written with smartgwt. Due to the dynamic content of the page I am using the FindAll functionality and different properties to identify the required elements.

Now I have the problem that the result of the search is not unique. While analysing the two objects of the result, I found out, that they are exactly the same (property comparison), but having a different object path:

  1. Sys.Process('iexplore').Page('').Panel('isc_0').Panel('isc_N').Panel('isc_P').Panel('i... 0).Cell(0, 2).TextNode(0)

  2. Sys.Process('iexplore').Page('').Panel('isc_0').Panel('isc_N').Panel('isc_P').Panel('i... 0).Table(0).Cell(0, 2).TextNode(0)

Please notice that the first element path contains the combination Cell.Cell close to the end, without a table for the second Cell object present.

Now I want to know if this is a bug or feature 😉



TC 7.52/8.70/9.20 Standard, DelphiScript


RE: Element appears twice in tree

Hi Dirk,

This looks quite strange. Are these two objects actually the same object (that is, not just two identical objects)? Also, what TC version are you using?
TestComplete Customer Care Engineer

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RE: Element appears twice in tree

Hi i have faced the same problem. problem is described in the following thread.

i am using 7.52 Ent.
Muhammad Mazhar Mahmood
Certified Software Tester (CSTE)
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RE: Element appears twice in tree

Hi Jared, 

the objects are recognized by TestComplete as two identical objects, but they refer to one object on screen. The function "Highlight object on screen" highlights the same object on screen for both objects.

What I do not understand is, how could the cell.cell (1) combination exist without a table (2) in between. Please also notice attached screenshot and object files from stores.

My TestComplete version is 7.52 Enterprise (please refer to my footer). If you need the full version info: 7.52.678.7


TC 7.52/8.70/9.20 Standard, DelphiScript

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