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Do Loop Does Not Seem to Exit

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Do Loop Does Not Seem to Exit

I am trying to get some timings on how long an IFrame takes to open on a web page.  To do this I am using NativeWebObject.Find to see when certain text appears on the page, indicating that the text has loaded into the frame.  Here is the code I'm using


    aqUtils.Delay 1000

    Set obj = page2.NativeWebObject.Find("innerText", "How interested/engaged","TD")

Loop Until obj.Exists

 Log.Message "Proofing Click Questionnaire Open -  End"

But it never gets to the Log.Message line. 

It looks like it is working because the Test Complete ballon shows the message  Waiting 1000. .. repeating as it loops.  And when the frame opens the ballon changes to saying Playback.. but for some reason it never continues the script.  I have put breakpoints on the statement after the loop, but it never gets there and even tried a While loop with an If  statement to exit, but the same thing happens.  When I then try to stop the script it takes about a minute to stop with the TestComplete Ballon saying Stopping...

I am using IE8 and Test Complete 7.52.678.7

I started with a recorded VB Script and then modified it.



RE: Do Loop Does Not Seem to Exit

Hi Larry,

We already replied to your similar request that you submitted via our Contact Support form. Have you received the reply? Here is a quotation from the reply:

We tried to reproduce the problem on our side, but failed. So, we will need more information on the problem:

1. Can the problem be reproduced on a public web site? Otherwise, is it possible for you to provide us with access to your application?

2. Try using the Find method instead of the "NativeWebObject.Find" method. Does the issue occur when using the Find method? Can you use this method instead of the "NativeWebObject.Find" method in your tests?

3. Reproduce the problem, pack the folder containing your project suite, and send me the archive.

4. Let me know the exact version of the browser you are using.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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