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Different links are having same name at php page!!

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Different links are having same name at php page!!


I am having a php page where two different links are having same name and when I am trying to click on both the links by using

"click.NativeWebObject.Find "  method always it's clicking on 1'st link.

Could you please help me on this, how I can click on the second link??

Thanks in advance.




RE: Different links are having same name at php page!!

Hi Vinay,

Most probably, these links can be differentiated by some of their properties (e.g. 'href' or 'outerText'). You need to find out which exactly properties of these objects are different and search for the desired link object by these properties using the Find or FindChild method instead of the NativeWebObject.Find method. You can find more information on these methods in the 'Find Method' and 'FindChild Method' help topics.

If you have problems finding such properties, please post here the HTML code of both links. You can get the HTML code of a web object via its 'outerHTML' property.

Dmitry Nikolaev

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