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Complete Overhaul of NameMapping


Complete Overhaul of NameMapping

Recently a web app I am testing did a REACT update & a few other things which caused my hierarchy to change dramatically.  I can go through and remap everything manually and fix, but if anyone has insight on how to remap/update mapping in bulk.. or just a workflow that makes that process easier would be helpful.  Also any advice on how to prevent/avoid this from happening in the future. 

Obviously it isn't reasonable to expect it from never happening again, but I'm sure there are some good practices I may be missing here. 



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Re: Complete Overhaul of NameMapping

hierarchy changes are a pain and really I've not found a way to do it "en masse".

If the hierarchy change is simply a matter of adding a panel or component in between, that's where the "Extended Find" feature has been helpful.  You can set that option on the child object and it should work.  If, however, an ancestor is removed, then you will need to drag the child to the new parent and remove the parent in the middle there.

note... I'm talking about clicking and dragging.  Many time you might not NEED to do a full remap...just manipulate the mapped items and don't change the Aliases.  That will prevent you from having to redo any of your actual code.

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Re: Complete Overhaul of NameMapping

I was also wondering about this. In Ranorex when you use the Id to identify the element the hiearchy does not matter. But with test complete in some instances it says it cant find a parent object even if it is an item mapped by id (and extended find is checked). It has became a full time pain to keep them all updated for me because my company uses site core. And every time they deploy all the pannels and divs shift. They also become different depending on how you get to that particulat page. 

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