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CSS Menu Testing

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CSS Menu Testing

Anyone knows how to test an web app with css dropdown menus, i answer that because when i record my test and try to reproduce it i face some errors like:

There was an attempt to perform an action at point (0, 0), which is out of the window bounds.


Object that does not exist.

Your help is really appreciate!
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RE: CSS Menu Testing

Have you tried the hovermouse method? In this example below the Parent menu was "Transactions", when you mouse over Transactions you then get a sub menu that drops down below.The sub menu I selected below Transactions was Payments.

'This is done in VB Script

Dim iexplore

Dim page

Set iexplore = Aliases.iexplore

Set page = iexplore.pageTest

Call page.FONT.Transactions.hovermouse


Call page.FONT.Payments.Click(1, 1)


It should work! Good luck!

RE: CSS Menu Testing

Hi David,

TestComplete does not record mouse movements, and it does not record hovering the mouse pointer over controls. In addition to Tony's advice, I can suggest that you click each item of the menu including main items when recording the script.

Best regards,

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