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Blocked with TestComplete 10.10 Chrome version 33 Performance issues!

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Blocked with TestComplete 10.10 Chrome version 33 Performance issues!

We are working with the TestComplete 10.10, with Chrome 33+ and uncounted some critical performance issues while Recording and Play Back. Have done the basic research with all the possible ways to get to know the root cause analysis of this issues, But issues still remaining the same and would say it turn into more worst.


Let me give a simple example, where we struggled to record and playback with our Application


Login to MDM using the valid User name and Password.


The TestComplete takes more than 8 Minutes to record the above login functionality and the Play back also very worst, It took more than 5, which can be done within 15 seconds with manual Testing.


Resolved approaches


•             Installed the Older version of Chrome and tried automating the above scenarios

•             Replaced the Xpath with CSS

•             Updated the correct Chrome TestComplete patches

•             Cleared all the cookie and sessions

Still we are not able to automate effectively with TestComplet 10.10 + Chrome 33+ and we are completely Blocked.


We also automated the same scenario with selenium webdriver to confirm whether the issues with application or TestComplete Product and found that there is no issues with Application as the selenium works well and fine with the 33+chrome.


Please advice us on the same as we Completely BLOCKED!    




AJAX + JQUERY + HTML 5 + CSS + JAVA + JavaScript + WIJMO framework.

Ashok Natarajan 

No painno gain


RE: Blocked with TestComplete 10.10 Chrome version 33 Performance issues!

Try to turn off Test Visualizer.

If it will not help then try to reproduce the problem using some simple web site, i.e. and let us know your results.
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