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Anyone Else Crashing TC v10?


RE: Anyone Else Crashing TC v10?

TC10, 10.1, & 10.2 has crashed on me many times now. It seems to have something to do with object recognition because it's crashed when sometimes using the Object Spy or trying to highlight an object from the NameMapping tree. The web pages often have hidden fields with similar names to the objects on screen so perhaps there is a conflict with the Extended Find feature but it's very annoying when TestComplete completely hangs and then I have to End the task and lose any unsaved work. I never had this issue prior to TC10 versions.
Community Manager

RE: Anyone Else Crashing TC v10?

Hi Chris,


Could you please contact our TestComplete Support team to investigate the issue and try to solve it?


Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager

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