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have access to the name of the current test

have access to the name of the current test

This can be useful in naming objects and in custom logging.  Right now the user has to find some way to record it separately, but TestComplete already knows this name so it should be easy to expose. 

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For JavaScript, I found the following workaround. Maybe it will help others.

I create a try-catch block. Within the try I provoke an exception, this one I catch-up with the catch and read-out the function name in the stack.


Note: this also works across several units -> USEUNIT

function getCaller(){
  let arrStackLines = [];

    throw new Error("throw a error to get the stack");
    arrStackLines = objE.stack.split("\n");
  let strLine = arrStackLines[arrStackLines.length -1];
  let intStart = strLine.indexOf("at ") + 3;
  let intEnd = strLine.indexOf("(<");
  Log.Message(strLine.substring(intStart, intEnd));


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