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Turn off completely object recognition hints

Turn off completely object recognition hints

I would love a way to go back to the old versions of TestComplete where that object recognition hint stuff wasn't present.


I have never seen this be helpful; it's only caused problems for us when running tests. The objects are either gone because a window closed and TestComplete doesn't recognize that or TestComplete tries to find a control and takes 3-15 minutes to finish the hint and click the button.


I want a way to shut this feature off completely.

New Contributor

I have similar issue. Once an object is not found, TC12 will launch the object recognition hint. Fine and dandy, except it takes a gigantic amount of time.

I can resolve the problem on my own. I don't want a hint. Specially, I don't want a hint that takes an hour or two to finish.

So an option to turn it off would be really nice.

Community Hero

Or... you could take the hint and fix the problem.  There is a reason for the hint.... it means that there is something wrong with your object recognition.  While it is nothing but an annoyance right now, it is indicative of some problems with how you have your objects identified that could cause issues further down the road.  

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