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TestItem event handlers

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TestItem event handlers

Hi Team,


It would be worth to have OnStartTestItem and OnEndTestItem event handlers in GeneralEvents tab.


This pretty much to handle the perquisites and cleanup activities of each TestItem.

In my case, I'm generating a custom HTML report where I do not have an ability to define when the TestItem starts and ends. If we have these event handlers then the job is much easier.


Hope, It is worth to implement!

Community Hero

Hey, @shankar_r


Is there some reason why the OnStartTest and OnStopTest event handlers under the Test Engine Events won't work for this?

Community Hero

As @tristaanogre mention, this is what the OnStartTest and OnStopTest event handlers already do. 

Community Hero

Oh!!! no.  How come this feature request from login, my old teammate was asking about this and I did provide the answer like this. Grrr



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Status changed to: Implemented
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