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Script versioning on update from source repository

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Script versioning on update from source repository

It'd be great to have TC automatically version the TC script each time it is updated from a source repository(i.e. TFS).  Currently, the only way, that I'm aware, is to manually enter version number for each script at the user's discretion.  If TC can automate the versioning process it'd be easier for maintenance/debugging as one will know which version of script is running.  The versioning can be as simple as major.minor(i.e. 1.22)

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What versioning number scheme?  How does it know what is major and what is minor?  Automatic versioning is a tricky thing and everyone does things a little different.

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Using KISS:

1)  Scheme is as simple as:  x.y - where x = major, y = minor.

2)  To differential between major/minor:  perhaps after specified # of updates -> major all other updates = minor.  Example:  After 30 updates of the same script, increment major(i.e. 2.0, 2.30->3.0>.  This configuratable parameter could be made available in TC.

3)  Automatic versioning is indeed tricky and can be unique,  the propose of versioning is to provide a baseline within TC to help distinguish/maintain script version integrity(for testing, debugging, deployment).  For any type of script "release candidate", how does one know if what's "released" matches the intended proper script(other than being a good administrator of script versions).  Current state:  The script author is the only one who'd know the correct script version that's available in a repositiory of scripts available for other to use.

This request is intended to help alleivate potential "oops" and to enhance efficiency and communication.


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Considering that most source repository applications already have some sort of automatic versioning built in, it would seem redundant to have TestComplete do so as well.  But your points are well taken.