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Provide Ability to Clean Alias and Mapped Objects Not Used in Tests

Provide Ability to Clean Alias and Mapped Objects Not Used in Tests

In our trial and error approach to learning TC we have found ourselves with excess baggage (unused mapped objects and Aliases) which we wish to clean up. At some point we disabled 'Map object names automatically' and have a mix of tests using Mapped and Aliased object.


The ability to removed mapped objects and aliases which are used in keyword and script tests would be highly benificial.


Here isa thread which discusses in further detail.


Thanks for your consideration.

Status changed to: Implemented



The feature is implemented in TestComplete 12.60 that was released a couple of weeks ago.




I've installed 12.6, but can't find anything in Testcomplete refering to cleaning up the name mapping with unused object.

Can anybody point me in the right direction? Is there any documentation available on how to clean up the name mapping?





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That's what i was looking for.


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