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PDF Content Validation

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PDF Content Validation

TestComplete should have come with PDF content valiation. Right now we are using pdfbox to extract the content but it is not giving us in the correct layout. It can't be used for anytype of validation. 


TestComplete comes with the some plugin to support content, image validation in PDF file.Additionally comparing 2 pdf files or PDF to excel etc. This will become a unique feature as no one is offering this. 





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Just curious, what do you mean by the "correct layout"?


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I ask this because you should be able to generate an image from pdfbox and, if you make your test deterministic, you should receive the same image each time which you can then compare with TestComplete. I have done this many times myself and it works well.

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Ok. Can you share the code which you written and it works? I can see if that works in my case





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Unfortunately I no longer have the script available to me. However, all of it was based on the scripts below provided by Smartbear around pdfbox:


Extract image from pdf:


Compare image from pdf:


So if you have a the pdfbox integration setup as Smartbear describes:

1) Take a screen shot of your document for reference

2) Go back and generate a screenshot and compare it to that reference


Hopefully they will match.


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I am using TestComplete

Version: 12.60.5545.7 x64
License: Perpetual (Web, Mobile)


However, the pdf instruction doesn't fit for my version of TestComplete. I don't have Java Engins in Options windows in the configuration steps.

Tools_Option_Engins_Java Bridge.JPG


Is there any updated document for this configuration?

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Java Bridge requires the Desktop module of TestComplete (see


This, I would say, is an oversight in the licensing module.  Many web applications generate PDFs and there are some good Java classes available out there for working with TestComplete projects.  I would say, at least, the Java Bridge option should be made available for all licensing models for TestComplete

Status changed to: Selected for Development

Planned for 14.20. 

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