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Indicator Timer

Indicator Timer

My Test Complete execution normally takes more than a Hour or so. Hence in the Indicator popup if we have the timer which will display the HH : MM : SS running.


This will help us to know approx. when it will end or knowing other stuffs wrt timings.


I'm expecting something like below,



Occasional Contributor

Hey guys I know this topic is a bit old @tristaanogre I installed the extension in the path you mentioned above but still I am unable to see the timer . 


Can you help me out please . Using TC12 


Thanks ,


Community Hero

Have you implemented the timer as I described in the earlier comments?  It doesn't just automatically show up.  See


Actually I programmed a similar function by my own. During test execution each step will be meassured (start and end time). This information is written in a text file. During playback this information is processed and displayed in a userform. So I know when the test execution will stop. Cool ha :-)))