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Implement (upgrade) support for MAPI clients

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Implement (upgrade) support for MAPI clients

When you want to send the log using a standard MAPI email client, I get the error message "Unexpected error in the MAPI client". See attached screenshot.


Email client used: Thunderbird 45.


The request is to implement a fix so that emailing the testlog using installed MAPI-based email client is possible.

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Did you try contacting support to see if there's already a fix for this?


This is a bug or configuration issue not a feature request. Sending email through MAPI is already supposed to work, they don't need to add that as a new feature. If it's not working for you then you should open a support ticket.

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@Marsha_R yes I have contacted support already on this. 


@ghuff2@Marsha_R Could I ask you to check if this feature is working on your machines? Maybe it's a configuration issue, maybe you experience same issue...


Edit: Discussion on the forum is here

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I don't use this feature so I can't check, sorry.


If you're talking to support about this, then why is it a Feature Request?



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@Marsha_R (and others):

To give you all extra info on this: when performing the exact same action on another workstation running Windows 7 (64bit) which has Outlook client installed (version 2010, 32bit) the interconnection issues between TestComplete and MAPI client (Outlook in this case) are not occurring.


It seems like its working fine with Outlook. However I wonder if this works well with other mail clients.

My tests using Thunderbird (v. 45) as mail client are failing.


Maybe others have other (working) setups and can share their experiences?



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@TanyaYatskovska Could you move this thread out into one of the discussion forums?  It's really a support issue.

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