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Delete a Job and tasks using C# script

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Delete a Job and tasks using C# script

Hi, I was developing automation framework using TestComplete with Distributed Testing. During design, I got to noticed delete method/properties doesn't seems to be exist for Jobs/Tasks. It would be better to have delete method for Jobs/Tasks, where I do not want to create multiple jobs during bulk test execution. The current structure Project MDS: > Test Item 1 - TestitemJob1 (task1 - func1 & task2 - func2) > > Test Item 1 - TestitemJob2 (task1 - func3 & task2 - func4) Expected Structure Project MDS > Test Item 1 - TestitemJob (task1 - func1 & task2 - func2) - Delete tasks/Job > Test Item 2 - TestitemJob (task1 - func3 & task2 - func4) - Delete tasks/Job

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