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Dark Themes

Dark Themes

Dark theme IDE like Visual Studio / Eclipse / Netbeans would be awesome. 



Community Manager

Thanks for your suggestion! +1 from me.

Also, consider using one of the TestComplete schemes posted to this discussion:


Awesome idea! Love this.

Senior Member

Has there been any movement on this?  Is there work being done to create a dark theme for TestComplete?  

Occasional Contributor

Why is this not a thing yet?

yeah, i would say that the code editor could use a bunch of help. theming being the least important, but would still be great.
Frequent Visitor

Insomnia has many themes

Postman has a dark them

SoapUI has a white theme

Why will SmartBear not introduce a dark theme?

New Contributor

Please Dark theme on the Soap UI pro. white one looks obselete, a good marketing activity as well. Would give us a chance to  show off . 

Community Manager

HI @ahoker@faisalmalik,

This is a feature request for TestComplete. We have a similar one for SoapUI Pro - vote it up here:

New Contributor

i'd love to have a dark theme... my eyes are burning when i'm starring at the screen the whole day. Smiley Frustrated



New Member

We really need this feature...Could you please bump the priority on this? We have been asking for a black theme since 2014    :s

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