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Dark Themes & Select Function & Debugging Mode

Dark Themes & Select Function & Debugging Mode

It would be awesome if TC can provide a dark themes and more syntax highlighting just like Visual Studio / Eclipse. 


Also option to select function. 

If I type object. then a drop-down box will appear listing all functions that can be used for this object. 

If I choose/type the wrong function, then the editor will give me a red cross right away reminding me that that object cannot call that function, without running the script. 






















Also when debugging the code and putting some breakpoints, it would be nice if TC can show what value does this variable currently have when user hover his mouse on that variable where break-point is set.  Easier to debug the code. 





Please create a separate post for each feature request. Thanks.

Community Hero

You can sort of do a lot of this already no?


Dark theme - OK, you can't just select a theme as such, but you can change the colours used in the code editor. Although, it only seems to be the actual script editor you can change, not all the other surrounding windows. Which is a bit rubbish. I'd agree, a selection of themes would be better.


Debugging/highlight - it already does? When it hits the break point, I can hover over any variable in my script (don't have to create a watch for it) and it shows me the current value? Won't happen outside runtime of course as nothing will have a value.


Object Refs - If I type in an object, I get a context menu with all available properties and methods ("functions" isn't a good word to use here as it doesn't actually mean anything here). If you type a property/method it doesn't recognise, the context menu vanishes. Not sure that flagging up unrecognised ones and interrupting your typing is such a good idea. When you start interacting with a property, it can go several levels deep. You tend to lose the context menu in these case, especially if some parts of it require parameters. If it started interrupting my typing due to this, it would get pretty annoying. For me, the current system is fine.



@HKosova , will do.  Cheers. 


syntax highlighting would be awesome