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Cancel recording

Cancel recording

When you start a recording you can "pause" and "stop"

What if I pressed record by mistake, or realized I needed to do something before recording.



If would be nice to have a "cancel" button that record your actions




the 'X' at the top right of the window acts like the STOP button



I am a bit confused...


If you forgot you needed to do something before recording, just Pause and do the actions needed.  Then press the the record button again to continue your test recording....Or, stop the recording if you need to do something completely unrelated to the test recording.


You also said "If would be nice to have a "cancel" button that record your actions"


Could you clarify what you mean?

Community Leader

I use the keyboard shortcuts for recording.



Sometimes I press record instead of pressing F5 - run test again

or I am not ready to record


I can't pause for 30 minutes (not feasible)

when I stop the test it will record the steps created - steps I immediately undo


- SmartBear has advised there is an issue with keyboard shortcuts at the moment.

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