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Add new function "Find Aliases" (Find the Aliase object in Aliases pane for a Mapped Object)

Add new function "Find Aliases" (Find the Aliase object in Aliases pane for a Mapped Object)

I use "Find Mapped Objects" function a lot to find the Mapped Objects from their Aliases. But sometimes there are only Mapped Objects created without the Aliases. There are a lot of cases that I need to find if the Alias for a Mapped Object. Currently there is no such function exist so I ended up spending a lot of time to guess which one is its Alias. Especially when an Alias was moved away from its original hierarchy to a different location, there is no way I can trace it by its hierarchy. It would be very helpful to trace the objects both ways (from Aliases to Mapped Objects and from Mapped Objects to Aliases).

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Funny, i just ran into this issue and was about to come here to log the feature request.  Nice Kudos

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Yes! This would be very helpful. I can easily Find Mapped Object from the Alias but if I want to find the Alias from the Mapped Object I cannot. If I look for it manually I don't have full confidence that I am looking at that same Object's Alias.

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