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XML Parse - document load and parse from local disk


XML Parse - document load and parse from local disk

Hi, i need parse easy xml doc. if I upload a file as a string it's all right. But how do I load a file?

Giada De Laurentiis

My parse code:
// to - do - this i need load and parse data from file
var xmlString = "<root><name>Giada De Laurentiis</name><price>30.00</price></root>";
var xmlDataObj = ParseXML(xmlString);


I try code from but it does not work for me..


Please help me :(... Thx

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Re: XML Parse - document load and parse from local disk



> it does not work for me.. 

But works for me. And even in more than one project.

Any chance for more detailed info? Like you do when you report a problem to your developers?

What have you tried? What exactly does not work? What is the error? At what line of code? What is the additional information from the test log's Additional Info pane? Should I guess about the content of your ParseXML() function?


P.S. Have you read for details the referenced help article? It contains an example of how to load XML file...


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Re: XML Parse - document load and parse from local disk

Hi @David91,

Was this question resolved? If you still need a solution, could you please clarify what you mean by "it does not work for me"? If you get any error, please post it here.

Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager

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