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WPF not recognizing any objects

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WPF not recognizing any objects

I am trying to test a new application that uses WPF controls. When I try to view the objects using Object Spy it only sees the whole application as one big window and does not identify any of the individual controls.




I fee like I somehow overlooked step 1 in the "how to test WPF applications" but I am not finding my answer.

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Re: WPF not recognizing any objects

There's a lot of information in here about identifying wpf objects.

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Re: WPF not recognizing any objects

I discovered that WPF worked when I created a new project but it was not working in my existing project. I assumed this meant there was some difference in the project settings so I went through them and discovered I needed some values entered under the UI Automation section.


I added the following:

WPF required.png


This solved the problem. These values default in the new projects but did not exist in my project. I have no clue what these are, but it works now.

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