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Text Location verification in PDF documents


Text Location verification in PDF documents

Hi There,


My AUT is a desktop based that generates a PDF report that I need to test. Apparently the report is a template in a tabular form. My goal is to verify that the text that I enter in the forms are populated in the report under different tables, based on the business logic. I need to verify that the text that I am searching for is printed in the correct tables in the PDF document, 

Although I can get the text that I am looking for, from the pdf, how do I ensure that the text is being printed under the correct tables? Could I get some help from the community regarding locating the exact location of the text from the  PDF? 


For eg:

In the attached screen print, how do I ensure the test "Heparin" is under Once only table and "Panadine" is under the Medication table? 



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Re: Text Location verification in PDF documents

We have a simlar problem, only in our case, because of how the PDF is generated, we can't even check for the text.  

So... I've adapted the PDFBox code ( to do the following


1) Generate the PDF

2) Generate a BMP for the page I want to test

3) Use Regions.Compare logic, using a mask, to make sure that a baseline BMP file of the page and the test version match.



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Re: Text Location verification in PDF documents

Hi @Joso,


It looks like using the image comparison suggested by @tristaanogre is one it the best options.

Also, you can play with the Intelligent Quality Add-On. This is one of the newest TestComplete features that provides Visual Recognition сapabilities with AI. You can create a script to check if a column contains the needed text. Please watch this video for more info:

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This is AWESOME and it works great for our upcoming project. However, it's going to be a challenge for existing project as we do use existing OCR feature today to scrape for a generated value at a specific location within the window that TestComplete can recognize. Is there a way we can pass in ...
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