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Testing On Screen Touch actions on a desktop


Testing On Screen Touch actions on a desktop

Hi All,


I wanted to check if there is a way i can perform a touch action on an object (in a desktop application with no mobile plugin).


I have an embadded software application which uses both mouse click  and touch screen operations. 


For example,

If there is a popup menu, the user can either left mouse click on the OK button or can touch on the OK button on the screen to select it. 

Can this touch on OK button be automated?




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Re: Testing On Screen Touch actions on a desktop

As far as I know a touch on windows is nothing more than a click at the point the finger would touch the screen. Therefore using click I belive is testing the same behavior. 


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Re: Testing On Screen Touch actions on a desktop

Thank you Carson! 


I too had the same thoughts but my team wanted to know if the click action triggers an event and for some reason the touch did not trigger the same event, how can that be verified using automation.





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Re: Testing On Screen Touch actions on a desktop

For Desktops, I don't believe you can.  This is one of those things that, perhaps, is not a candidate for automation. Generally speaking, the only difference between touch and click on a desktop/laptop machine is the hardware drivers.  The effect on the application is the same.  


Currently, only Mobile applications in TC support the "Touch" action. So, you'll have to do that test manually for now.

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