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Testing Delphi app without relying on Debug Build

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Testing Delphi app without relying on Debug Build

Just want to know if there’s a way to run our automated scripts without relying on the debug version of our app written in Delphi.

We’re aware that some of the debug attributes are not accessible under a normal build.


We are trying to automatically run our scripts every time there’s a build in Trunk and Production, but builds under these repos are not in debug mode.


Thank you for your ideas. 


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Re: Testing Delphi app without relying on Debug Build

The easy answer to your question is: yes, you can run your automated scripts without needing a debug version.  But that comes with a caveat... if you develop your tests on a debug version, you MAY be using public, private and/or protected properties of objects.  If you then try to run those tests on a non-debug version, they will fail because they will be dependant upon those properties.


Recommendation: If you want to be able to run your tests on a non-debug version, you need to develop your tests against a non-debug version to avoide these potential problems.

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Re: Testing Delphi app without relying on Debug Build

hi @automateable


we never use debug info in our tests (delphi apps), even if test construction is less simplier.

we have to deal with this constraint, because a test made upon apps that comes with the debug info file or compiled with debug info may behave differently than your production and trunk release.

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