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Test complete is getting hanged / Not responding at runtime while verifying object properties

New Contributor

Test complete is getting hanged / Not responding at runtime while verifying object properties

Application working on : WPF 

Test complete Version : 14.20.2175.7 (64 bit)


Actual Behaviour : Test complete is getting hanged / Not responding at runtime while verifying object properties which are not present.


Expected Behaviour : Should fail and give me the log saying object is not present.



This is happening for all the instances and i only have an option to kill the process and reopen the test complete. which is not acceptable .

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Let's see screenshots of your test code where this is happening.  

New Contributor

Hi Marsha,


Thanks for responding for my query!


It is not on specific element, it is flaky and not consistent. some times it give what is expected , some times it gets hanged.. i believe it is not in my code, as others can execute it successfully with out any issue.



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So, if others can execute the same code successfully and you can't, then I would start comparing the two scenarios and determine what's different.  It's not the code... and it also means it's not TestComplete.  So, that brings us to something environmental.  Something is different between what you're doing and what these others are doing. 


Is there a different OS?  Different application?  Different user access level?  Is the code being used in a different way?


It would still be helpful to see an example of code that is causing this problem.  It may help us see where there might be something that can be improved.

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Record your sessions while you work. I know that this may be an obvious problem, but this is the only way you will be able to create a request to SmartBear and get some fix from their programmers.


Report the problem to them with this material and give them the project you're working on.


And so... TestComplete can hang in specific situations. For example, on reading values from debugging.

But, this should be handled differently by SmartBear. Well, you'd better report it to the support.

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I'm with @tristaanogre on this one.  


It sounds like an environment problem and there's troubleshooting you can do before leaving it to Support.


For instance, when you run the tests, are there other apps running on your machine, Word or Excel or anything else just sitting there?  Close all those in Task Manager and try again.  TestComplete wants a lot of room to run and you'll do better to have everything closed before you start the test.

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Thank you everyone for your input, you are awesome!


@VB2 I see that you are in the middle of investigation with our Support Team and they just replied to you today asking for some data. Please keep the Community informed of the solution! Thank you!

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