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Support for custom objects

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Support for custom objects

Hi, everybody,


In our application written in Pascal (Deplhi) we use an object that does not belong to the standard supported Borland libraries, such as Borland TDBGrid.


When mapping such a TestComplete object, it reads the object as a whole without the columns, buttons at the bottom of the grid, grid rows, etc. that are included in the composition.


Is it possible to add support for this custom grids to the TestComplete libraries?


Of course I can use the "text recognition" service, but this has its limitations. ImageRepository also works, but I would prefer to be able to support scrollbar in this grid and read all rows to the array.


Grid in the attachment.


Thank you for your help

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Re: Support for custom objects



> application written in Pascal (Deplhi)

I am pretty sure this should be possible. I would recommend to go through the help section and talk then to your developers. I think that you should be able to access UI elements that you need if developers include relevant debug information into the build.



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Re: Support for custom objects

Even I worked on the similar desktop delphi application. You just need the Debug build.

Write generic function for clicking the object in the ribbon and clicking the line in any grid.

I have all codes available do let me know in case you need any help

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Re: Support for custom objects

Thank you so much for your help.

I am not closing the thread yet because I will consult with the team and as mentioned anupamchampati I'll get back to you if there's a problem.

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