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Stations.Rescan causes test to only run on Master

New Contributor

Stations.Rescan causes test to only run on Master

I was having some problems with my scripted Load Test stations sometimes not registering.

Reading the help, it seemed to indicate that running the LoadTesting.Stations.Rescan() method would verify that all the stations were available before running the test instance. Instead what seems to happen whenever I run this, is the test instance only runs on the Master station, ignoring the slave stations. If I comment this out, it runs it using the slave stations as well. The only problem with not doing this is that sometimes my slave stations don't seem to respond and the load test hangs.


RE: Stations.Rescan causes test to only run on Master

Hello Carl,

We have not seen such situations before. Please tell us more about your setup:

- the OS version of the master PC;

- OS versions on all remote PCs;

- TestComplete and RAS versions on all PCs. BTW, have you tried using the latest versions of TestComplete and RAS (7.52)?

Is the problem project-specific? Can you reproduce it in a newly created project suite?


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