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Refer to test results from within a test



I am looking for a way for my tests to write out test results automatically to test rail.


I have successfully set up the test rail integration, the problem is that the script to write to testrail will only run if I specify the status id.


I want the the script to be able to pick up the status from test complete, else this is pretty pointless.


My thoughts were to have a test 'test a', which is the test I want to run, and a 'test b' will read the logs from 'test a' and write the results to testrail.


Has anybody got any advice on this or maybe a better way of doing it? it does seem a bit long winded to do this for all my test cases.


Thanks in advance,




Re: Refer to test results from within a test

for example:

do the steps

after  validating it

if pass then

flag =0 //set flag


flag =1


call  function writetoTestrail(testcaseID,description,flag)


in this function,get the all info.write into testrail