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PowerBuilder accessibility error

Occasional Contributor

PowerBuilder accessibility error

I'm trying to do some testing with a PowerBuilder application. I'm setting up name mappings in order to be able to work with the data window controls easier. However as soon as I add a name map to the main application form I start getting an error message everytime I try to initially interact with the application.


The error is "Error loading library. Please check whether PowerBuilder Accessibility Library can be located in the path."


After I setup that name mapping this will happen the first time I try to access the application or it's objects from test complete after opening the application. So if I open the application and try to access the object through the testcomplete object viewer I will get it. Or if I open the application and try to log in through either a keyword or script test. After I get this message once it's fine until I close the application and then open it again.


Has anyone else run into this and have any insight on what might be causing this or where to look?



Occasional Contributor

Re: PowerBuilder accessibility error

I almost forgot to mention that for the form name mapping I gave it the name I wanted then had to add the ?* wild card to the window caption field. This was the only way I found to get the name mapping to work for the form. If I didn't use the wild card I would get a message talking about the name mapping not being unique enough or something like that. I can get the exact message if someone thinks the wild card might be the issue.


Thanks again.

Occasional Contributor

Re: PowerBuilder accessibility error

With the help of a co-worker and some more digging around the internet I found what my issue was. I needed the PowerBuilder accessibility DLL (pbacc125.dll). I didn't think I needed this at first because the name mapping did work if I just did it on the applications logon screen. It wasn't until I went to map the main form in the application that it started having issues. However after getting this DLL into the applications folder it is working.

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