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Not able to work with textbox object in RightNow CX application

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Not able to work with textbox object in RightNow CX application

Hi Team,


I am trying to work with textbox in desktop based RightNow CX application. Testcomplete is able to identify the object as WPF object. Full path is as below.


Screenshot of the screen is also attached.


Sys.Process("RightNow.CX").WPFObject("HwndSource: CxConsole", "System Integration Testing Two - Oracle Service Cloud").WPFObject("CxConsole", "System Integration Testing Two - Oracle Service Cloud", 1).WPFObject("AdornerDecorator", "", 1).WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("Border", "", 2).WPFObject("AdornerDecorator", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 1).WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("DockPanel", "", 2).WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 1).WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("DockPanel", "", 2).WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 1).WPFObject("GroupBox", "", 1).WPFObject("WindowFrameContainer").WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("CachedWindowFrame").WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 1).WPFObject("AdornerDecorator", "", 1).WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("Grid", "", 2).WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("EditorTabSet").WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 6).WPFObject("editorPresenter").WPFObject("WorkgroupTabView", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 1).WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("MainBackgroundGrid").WPFObject("SecondaryEditorTabSet").WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 1).WPFObject("editorPresenter").WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 1).WPFObject("WorkflowContainerEditorView", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 1).WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 2).WPFObject("WorkspaceEditorView", "", 1).WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("workspaceItemsControl").WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 2).WPFObject("WorkspaceTable").WPFObject("ScrollViewer", "", 1).WPFObject("ItemsControl", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 3).WPFObject("Border", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentControl", "", 1).WPFObject("MainContent").WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 2).WPFObject("CachedContentControl", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 1).WPFObject("WorkspaceTable").WPFObject("ScrollViewer", "", 1).WPFObject("ItemsControl", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 1).WPFObject("Border", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentControl", "", 1).WPFObject("MainContent").WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 1).WPFObject("CachedContentControl", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 1).WPFObject("WorkspaceTable").WPFObject("ScrollViewer", "", 1).WPFObject("ItemsControl", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 10).WPFObject("Border", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentControl", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentControl", "", 1)



When i try to find the enter something on the textbox, it is not identifying the object. All the textboxes on the windows shows same full path name.


If i go further down on subproperties with below path, i can see the value in textbox.

WPFObject("ContentControl", "", 1).DataContext.FieldViewModel.TextValue


detail of this textbox is below.


ClrClassName : TextBoxFieldViewModel

ClrFullClassName : RightNow.Presentation.ViewModels.Fields.TextBoxFieldViewModel


Is there a way to work with these textboxes.


Can someone please help.


(My post are being deleted. I have masked all data from my images. Please let me know if any issue with my posts.)



Vikas Kumar

Community Hero

Re: Not able to work with textbox object in RightNow CX application

Are you not able to find the labels or any other unique data for each of the boxes?

Occasional Contributor

Re: Not able to work with textbox object in RightNow CX application

Hi Marsha, 


I was able to find the label and value inside textboxes as well but there was no SetText method for this type of textbox. I found one of the native method which worked to enter text inside this type of textbox.


Sys.Process("RightNow.CX")............WPFObject("ScrollViewer", "", 1).WPFObject("ItemsControl", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentPresenter", "", 8).WPFObject("Border", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentControl", "", 1).WPFObject("ContentControl", "", 1).DataContext.FieldViewModel.set_TextValue("Harry");


Thank you for your reply.




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