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Name Mapping too big ?

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Re: Name Mapping too big ?

Hi again


When I right click on the parent I just get the standard prompt as attached - nothing about recursing through parents - but it does seem to have mapped them all and that bit of the test still runs, so I guess I now plod through the rest 


Thanks for you help and prompt replies



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Re: Name Mapping too big ?

Once you select either of the two given options, THAT's when you'll be prompted for the additional tree items... again, assuming they haven't already been mapped somewhere.


FYI, I almost always choose the "Choose name and properties manually" option.  While TestComplete does a decent job of identification, I prefer to apply my own names for our naming conventions as well as have a choice of properties so I can build out something more robust.

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Re: Name Mapping too big ?

So anyone else coming across this post knows, the lock up issue was not caused ny the size or compelxity of the name mapping file - it was because source control was enabled.  Once that was turned off the system ran as normal.  

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