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How to know if specific tab of dialog is visible or no.


How to know if specific tab of dialog is visible or no.



In my test application sometimes tab of a particular dialog are hidden. 

I want to find out if particular tab is vissible or no, if yes activate it.


For example: there are 8 tabs , sometimes last 3 tabs are hidden. So how do I check if last tab is vissible or no.




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Re: How to know if specific tab of dialog is visible or no.



I assume that you are working with the desktop application.

First of all, you need to examine the dialog in the Object Browser in TestComplete and figure out how every tab can be reliably and uniquely identified. This depends on your tested application.

Then in your test code you must use relevant .FindXXX() method and search for the tab that you need. If the tab is found (.Exists property equals to True), you might need to check additionally if the found tab is visible by checking if  the .Visible property equals to True or do some other check that must succeed if the tab is visible on the screen. Again, the exact check is specific to your given application.


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