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Exported tests failing - Object was not found

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Exported tests failing - Object was not found

Hello All


I created a suite of test objects for some software that all work fine.


I have exported these and imported them into a new Project Suite as this is a significant revision and felt it would be best to make a new suite, but when I try to run the tests I just get exceptions stating The "Object Name" object was not found.


All of the objects seem to have been given parentheses during the exporting process, so they all look  like Aliases.First().Second().Third().


However when I record the tests again, they are exactly the same without the parentheses.


Does anyone know how I can solve this, rather than record hundreds of tests again?



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Re: Exported tests failing - Object was not found

Sounds like a conversion problem.  If the project you had them in the first item was one language and the new project is a different language, that would generate that kind of problem.

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Re: Exported tests failing - Object was not found


Have you imported/shared/or merged your namemapping ?

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