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Different name mapping for same object with same Test complete version and same project

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Different name mapping for same object with same Test complete version and same project

When I first recorded scripts Name mapping was Aliases.Aptify_Shell.AptifyShellForm and now it is Aliases.Aptify_Shell2.AptifyShellForm whereas the project is the same. Aptify_Shell and Aptify_Shell2 is the change that has taken place. Is there any fix for it? 


Thank you! 


that is odd that testcomplete has created two copies of the same object. in which case i dont think that you even need to do conditional name mapping, since you would only use conditional name mapping to account for an object having multiple acceptance criteria for what should be considered as its identification property.

in which case, you could go ahead and delete one of the two copies, and either go through the trouble of rearranging the children elements within the name mapping tree from aptifyshell2 to aptifyshell1, or start over again by mapping all of the children objects under the same alias.aptify_shell parent.

Justin Kim

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