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Desktop Application Not responding

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Desktop Application Not responding

im testing Desktop Application 

im giving run for 300 scripts in TestComplete through Project Suite.

During the execution around 195th script one of the script fail with  message in test log "the Window doesnot respond" (when i forcefully stop or abort  the execution as this particualr testscript is failed and continuing executing remaining scripts failing with same reason )and in Additional Information message as  "The window with the 0x02251066 handle exists but did not respond during the auto-wait timeout (20000 ms).

Try increasing the 'Auto-wait timeout' project property."


i had increased auto-wait timeout  and as well i added aqUtils.Delay(30000)  in  the script execution even after this im getting same issue  for the script.this scripts executed individually is working fine


Kindly help on this how can i  to handle this


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Re: Desktop Application Not responding

What it sounds like is some sort of memory leak or other performance problem in your desktop application.  TestComplete puts hooks into the application that may reveal some of these issues.  Are you closing and opening your AUT on each test case?  Have you tried closing the application between tests?  In my opinion, it's generally a best practice to have each test case be atomic meaning it can run independantly of any others.  This includes starting the AUT and closing the AUT.

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Re: Desktop Application Not responding

Thanks for the suggestions.

I found out the window not responding issue wasn't  memory leak and performance issue.

Im not opening and closing the AUT after each test case.Most of the test scripts are dependent ones which are working fine.


im getting application window not responding in few scripts which does  opening a print report  or template report scenario ,where after this report is opened and closed successfully control will be in the same place where it opened the report or template option and it become unresponsive  because of which immediate next script throwing an failure message AUT not responding.i have added delays after this report is opened and closed successfully so control moves or some action to perform which is also unsuccessful even manually also and increased auto wait timeout too.

window not responding issues is occuring during batchrun of 600 scripts but same script will work fine when scripts are executed individually


I have tried freeze diagnostics option with Process filter as use only tested applications also and found it was helpful for few scripts.but this issue will come randomly after some scripts so it was difficult to implement login Application 


How Can i resolve these issue .let me know any other options so i can try to fix these issue and can run 800 scripts in single go


Thanks in Advance


Re: Desktop Application Not responding

Hi Mamatha,


Is the print report that is opened, a pdf file? 

Also are you opening and closing this print report using scripts?  

Would you be able to provide the code snippet of the area where the code is getting frozen?




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Re: Desktop Application Not responding

Hi Namith,

im using Reportbuilder tool. im just clicking on Print which is opening just Print Preview and after it is opened im closing the print preview.

Above action im doing from scripts

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