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Database Checkpoint For MS Access 2016 Database

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Database Checkpoint For MS Access 2016 Database

I'm attempting to create a Database Checkpoint in a TestComplete test.
The database is an MS Access 2016 accdb file and I'm running on Win7x64 as an unprivileged user on the corporate domain.


In the first dialog (yes, i hit the deck and slid on my face at the first prompt) it prompts for a connection string.  I am feeding it:

Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=C:\SharedData\AccessDatabase.accdb;Persist Security Info=False;

and getting error:


Unable to connect to the specified data source.  The database engine reports:  Provider cannot be found.  It may not be properly installed.


I've had a bit of a dig around online but couldn't find the answer.  Any tips guys?

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Re: Database Checkpoint For MS Access 2016 Database

What bit-ness of TestComplete are you running?  By default, starting with TC 12.4x, TestComplete runs as 64-bit.  If the provider/driver you're using is 32-bit, then TC as 64-bit can't see it.  You can run the 32-bit version of TC by finding it at C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 12\bin\testcomplete.exe.  Try running that version with your code and see if it works.

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Re: Database Checkpoint For MS Access 2016 Database

Sorry I forgot to respond.   It was an access database created in a 32bit version of access 2013.   Ran it up in the 32bit version of TestComplete and it's working like a charm.   Thanks for the advice Smiley Happy

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Re: Database Checkpoint For MS Access 2016 Database



>  It was an access database created in a 32bit version of access 2013.

Just to make things clear: It does not matter what version and what bitness of Access was used to create the file.

What does matter is the bitness of TestComplete and OLEDB provider (ODBC driver) used to access the file (database). Bitnesses must correspond. This is the OS requirement and it is caused by the fact that TestComplete uses OLEDB COM engine to access databases and COM communication requires that COM server and client are of the same bitness.


P.S. describes one possible workaround, but the article dates back to the times when only 32-bit flavor of TestComplete existed. Nowadays it is usually more convenient to use TestComplete of the appropriate bitness.


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