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Actual Data file not populating

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Actual Data file not populating

I've created a test case via VBScript which is comparing actual data from an application table to an expected results csv file.


The test is creating the actual data file but it's empty.   I've verified that I have the correct table name entered into my objects control file.


The only place I can see in the code that references actual data is:



call func_Compare_ActualvsExpected( strDATA_TABLE_ACTUAL, strDATA_TABLE_EXPECTED )


Does anyone know if there is another place in the code that needs to be updated?   This may be my company framework specific, but I thought I'd ask before contacting my developer.







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Re: Actual Data file not populating

This does look framework specific.  Specifically, if I'm reading this correctl,y OBJ_Table_CopyToCSV is a custom function that is taking the data and dumping it out to a CSV file.  So, something may not be operating correctly there.  This, I think, you need to take to your developer.

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Re: Actual Data file not populating

Thanks so much for the quick response!  I appreciate it.

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