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SwaggerHub to Apigee integration whacks policies, etc.

New Contributor

SwaggerHub to Apigee integration whacks policies, etc.

When SwaggerHub to Apigee integration is executed it creates a new revision with the changes made updated as expected, but the new Revision once again has the default policies, and has blown away all our added policies and flows.

Any workaround, or are we incorrectly using/applying the integration?

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New Contributor

Re: SwaggerHub to Apigee integration whacks policies, etc.

This is not supported. See the article:

This is not a fully blown solution to integration. We would recommend it for creating a proxy initially but turn it off after that. For example, adding operationId or updating a description to an endpoint, are you wanting a whole new revision in Apigee? And run through re-creating policies and resources, even if it is cpoy/paste? Clearly the answer is NO if you are managing multiple APIs and incorporating CI/CD. Frankly disappointing.

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