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SwaggerHub editor irritants

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SwaggerHub editor irritants

I just started with SwaggerHub and the online IDE. I'm not new to API design, just to this toolset. I hate to start out with a complaint, but this editor is really, really aggravating. Here are a few issues:


  • Bouncing in and out of Swagger 2 and OpenAPI 3 when trying to save or save to a new version, leaving a trail of zombified versions behind
  • Defaulting to Swagger 2
  • Automatically sticking "oas3" on the end of version numbers, which some non-SmartBear tools hate
  • Requiring editor and file upgrades and transformations to oas 3
  • Switching the openapi tag to a swagger tag and refusing to transform on save
  • Clicking the Save combo box (on purpose or by accident) and it opens a pulldown that cannot be closed

I like what you guys are doing, but this stuff ought not to be.


Re: SwaggerHub editor irritants

Hi @jmarkdavis

Thank you for your candid feedback.  I'm sorry you are having an unfortunate experience with converting an API to OpenAPI 3.0.  We are always looking to improve SwaggerHub's developer experience and is a major initiative for us.  I would love to hear more about your use case of converting an API to OpenAPI 3.0 if you would be willing to hop on a call with me for 30 min.


Tim Maguire

Director of Product Management - SwaggerHub

Community Manager

Re: SwaggerHub editor irritants

Hi @jmarkdavis , I see that you replied straight to the email notification, this way your messages won't reach the forum. Please make sure to post you replies inside the Community. Thank you🙂


Let me copy the reply text this time:



Of course, Tim. I’m happy to help. I’m available most afternoons after 2:00 PM CDT. What are some times that work for you?



@timothymaguire here's the information you might find useful🙂

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

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